Ayurgram Logo

When it comes to designing a logo for an ayurveda clinic, you got to think green, herbs etc. But that’s not all. You have to dig deeper. A Kotkapura based company A&D Pharma contacted us for the branding of their newest venture – Ayurgram – a center of wellness and cure where they planned to combine homeopathy, ayurveda and naturopathy etc.


Ayurgram Logo Designed by Logo Designer Jagjit Singh Makkar

The concept

The concept of logo is driven from the business name itself. They are calling it Ayurgram. So I created this ‘village’ sort of logo design that has a hut, a few trees and a landscape.

Logo Designer: Jagjit Singh Makkar

Jagjit Singh Makkar is a logo designer based in Punjab, India. He designs brands, writes copy for advertisements, makes video commercials, music videos and helps small and medium sized business turn themselves into brands that people love. He has worked for international brands like Sony, Philips, HBO, IPL and Taj Hotels to name a few.

How can branding help your business?

First of all, it sets you apart from other businesses using bad logos or logos copied from the internet. When you get a logo specially designed for your business, it feels great. A good logo only looks good, but a great logo can inspire you every day to generate more business and achieve greater heights in the world of business.

Turn your business into an awesome brand. Ask Jagjit Singh Makkar to design a logo for your business.

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