Logos & Branding / 28 Mar 2016
Baba Milk Rebranding

Re-branding is the process of changing a company’s logo, brand colours, stationary and advertising design, for one simple reason that their old branding and design has stopped ‘working’ and no longer appeals to the consumer. If done right, re-branding can mean re-birth for a brand. It can bring excitement to the workplace and attract new customers. It reaffirms a brand’s a futuristic vision and a promise to stay around for good.

Baba Milk Old Logo New Logo Brandstreet Advertising Kotkapura

You can’t really blame baba milk (or any client for that matter) for such a non-design. They are good at what they do – bringing great dairy products to people. And we say this out of experience. Graphic design is not just their cup of tea.

And here’s the band new logo of baba milk, designed by Brandstreet.

Baba Milk New Logo Brandstreet Advertising Kotkapura

You take your pick. 🙂

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