Brand Identity for a Brand dealing in Brands!

Brand identity design for Brandpress – a wholesale businessman dealing in branded and non-branded ready to wear apparels approached me for business cards. Instead, I suggested him to go for everything! We ended up creating a logo, business cards and a concept sheet that he will use to explain his offering to his perspective clients. This is not how wholesale dealers behave. This is something only he will be doing for a long time at least. And he will definitely stand out of the crowd.


Brandpress Brand Identity


Why this logo design works?

This works for the same reason every good brand identity works: simplicity, aesthetics and a personality that goes with the line of work you represent. Like most logos designed by Jagjit Singh Makkar, this too is a pictorial logo with the graphic elements being the initials of the brand name – ‘b’ and ‘p.’ It’s sporty and at the same time, not flashy – just the way all good apparel brands are.

A Teacher Turns Entrepreneur Story

Teachers usually remain teachers all their lives. Less work timings, a lot of unconditional respect, a position of authority… it’s all a bit difficult to give up. But not for Harmanpreet Singh of Faridkot who quit his teaching job to work with a private bank and then left the bank job to start something of his own. Brandpress is different because it’s branded, it’s organized and it offers something unique to its customers.

Logo Designer: Jagjit Singh Makkar

Jagjit Singh Makkar is a brand identity designer based in Punjab, India. He designs brands, writes copy for advertisements, makes video commercials, music videos and helps small and medium sized business turn themselves into brands that people love. He has worked for international brands like Sony, Philips, HBO, IPL and Taj Hotels to name a few.

Fashion Logos by Jagjit Singh Makkar

Prior to designing the logo for Brandpress, Jagjit Singh Makkar has designed many logos for the fashion industry. Dev Bros. is a men’s fashion boutique based in Kotkapura. There’s The Turban Hut which is a turban shop in the same city. Go a little further and you have Khatoon’s that is a haute couture fashion designed brand in Ludhiana. Rayden is again a men’s fashion shop / tailor in Auckland, new Zealand.

How can a good brand identity help your business?

First of all, it sets you apart from other businesses. Usually, local businesses use badly designed logos or logos copied from the internet. When you do that you are starting with the wrong foundation. Whereas a logo specially designed for your business helps your cause in a big way. A good logo isn’t just good looking, but it goes a long way. It can establish you as a genuine business entity, attract more customers your way and inspire you every single day!

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