Gagan Electronics Logo Design

The Gagan Electronics Logo Design is by far a great example of logo design. It is concise and at the same time, contemporary. The pictorial element in the logo is two bullet cameras, facing left and right. The font used in the logo is also custom made, which means it’s specially crafted for the logo, and not available anywhere on the internet. Custom fonts are created to go well with the pictorial part of a logo. Very simply, this logo conveys the category of the business, and the modern aura of it.

Gagan Electronics Logo Kotkapura Logo Designed by Jagjit Singh Makkar Brandstreet

The hidden element in the Gagan Electronics Logo

Putting the bullet cameras could do the job, but that doesn’t make it special for Gagan Electronics. There’s another dimension to the logo, the initials ‘g’ and ‘e’ of Gagan Electronics. You might not have noticed them before, but now you can.

About Gagan Electronics Kotkapura

Apart from CCTV cameras, Gagan Electronics deals in the latest office / home devices and gadgets.

A little back story

Ricky Narula – the owner of Gagan Electronics – is a prominent dealer / distributor of security cameras and devices in the Malwa region of Punjab. Despite being based in Kotkapura, his sales and service network extends well beyond the districts of Faridkot, Bathinda, Muktsar and Ferozepur. He always admired logos designed by Jagjit Singh Makkar, but what he loved the most was the Dev Bros. logo. Whenever we discussed making the logo for Gagan Electronics, he mentioned that he wanted a logo of the standard of Dev Bros. And at the end, we ended up matching the standard of Dev Bros. logo in terms of styling, personality and a sort of visual similarity.

Logo Designer: Jagjit Singh Makkar

Jagjit Singh Makkar is a logo designer based in Punjab, India. He designs brands, writes copy for advertisements, makes video commercials, music videos and helps small and medium sized business turn themselves into brands that people love. He has worked for international brands like Sony, Philips, HBO, IPL and Taj Hotels to name a few.

How can branding help your business?

First of all, it sets you apart from other businesses using bad logos or logos copied from the internet. When you get a logo specially designed for your business, it feels great. A good logo only looks good, but a great logo can inspire you every day to generate more business and achieve greater heights in the world of business.

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