How to save your business from that stupid flyover?

Business is tough. But what happens when the government decides to put a flyover in front of your shop? Just like that!

One day you are sitting at a premium business location and in a year (or so) of dirty construction work (and almost no new customers) you have an ugly, stupid, grey wall erect in front of your shop, blocking you from your customers. Even the loyal ones.

For the incompetent businesses, a flyover is a death sentence.

It’s only the businesses stubborn enough to ‘make it work’ that survive. But there are going to be challenges. A big chunk of your customers is going to bypass your shop, unless you actively ‘do things’ to retain them.

Here’s what you can do.

1. Multiply your efforts. Give the kind of service you have not dreamed of yet.
2. If you offer a product, add so much value to it that it looks almost incredible.
3. Touch the hearts of your customers through customer relationship programs.
4. Do better advertising, better branding and better campaigning.
5. Concentrate on your customer experience and improve it.
6. Build more value around your brand.

If you get most of these things right, you can change consumer behaviors. Slowly shifting their tendency from not taking “a difficult U-turn” to putting that extra effort to go to “their favorite place.”

Jagjit Singh Makkar is an advertising professional specializing in branding, logo design and offers consultancy services for start-ups and established businesses looking to solve problems in a complex and competitive marketplace.