Logo for a Photographer called Muviala

Every logo must tell a story. This photographer logo does tell one. In the year 2016, a photographer visited me to get a logo designed. Sukhwinder Singh was running his studio under the name Sukhy Studio. He wanted a new name and a logo. After many meetings we decided on a name – Muvi-ala. That’s what the videographer is called in Punjab.


Photographer Logo designed by Jagjit Singh Makkar Kotkapura


After the name was finalized, we met a couple of times. I had to understand him and his work fully before I could design a logo that would do justice to him and his brand in the long run.

The Muviala Logo Story

By what I gathered, Sukhwinder Singh was more interested in outdoor shoots, be it a destination wedding or a pre-wedding shoot. He had done shoots to Rajasthan, Uttrakhand, Delhi and every location in Punjab, obviously. The challenge was to create a logo that’s nothing like any other photographer logo. The logo that we finally made contained the famous monuments in India & abroad. There’s Taj Mahal (and Golden Temple), Qutab Minar, Lotus Temple (and Opera House, Sydney). There is India Gate, New Delhi (and Gateway of India, Mumbai).

Apart from that, the whole logo unit looks like a video camera. And there’s this red play button that further represents video. So, it’s a multi-layered logo telling many things about the photographer and his work.

Logo Design: Jagjit Singh Makkar

Jagjit Singh Makkar is a logo designer based in Punjab, India. He designs brands, advertisements, makes video commercials, music videos and helps small and medium sized business turn themselves into brands that people love. Prior to founding Brandstreet, he has worked for international brands like Sony, Philips, HBO, IPL and Taj Hotels to name a few.

In the same business category, he has also designed the logo for Mohit Enterprises.

How can branding help your business?

First of all, it sets you apart from other businesses using bad logos or logos copied from the internet. When you get a logo specially designed for your business, it feels great. A good logo only looks good, but a great logo can inspire you every day to generate more business and achieve greater heights in the world of business.

Turn your business into an awesome brand. Ask Jagjit Singh Makkar to design a logo for your business.

You can reach him at +91 750 8800 707 or brandstreet.in@gmail.com

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