Why is Shivam Travels logo design better than any free travel logo?

For the same reason any well designed and original logo is better than any free logo. Period. Free logos are like viruses. They are made by underpaid graphic designers who work on a hourly basis and have no idea about your business. You have to pick your logo designer very carefully. It’s not very difficult. Pick a professional designer and look at their logo design work online. If you like about ten of their logos, you have found the right person.

Here’s a good starting point for your search.

Now, coming to the Shivam Travels Logo. If you search for free travel company logo design, you will come across icons of buses, planes, beaches, umbrellas and things like that. Icons representing the travel industry, with dummy company names pasted below them. These icons represent every travel company, and at the very same time, no organization at all!


Shivam Travels Logo Design


Why is this logo special for Shivam?

This logo design is special for Shivam, since it contains the letter S.

Logo explanation

The logo consists of two very basic, identical graphic elements – the airplanes. Almost abstract. Planes are a direct representation of a company dealing in an array of international services like air ticketing, international money transfers and couriers. Now, what’s special about the logo is the arrangement of these planes. The planes are arranged in such a fashion that the negative space between them forms a letter. S.

Look again, squint your vision and you shall find the S. There you go!

Apart from that, red and blue are the two colors that immediately link with the flags of countries like America, Australia and England. The combination has an international sort of vibe.

About Shivam Travels

Shivam Travels is a leading organization dealing in services like air-ticketing, international couriers and money exchange.

Logo Design: Jagjit Singh Makkar

Jagjit Singh Makkar is a logo designed based in Punjab, India. He designs brands, advertisements, makes video commercials, music videos and helps small and medium sized business turn themselves into brands that people love. Prior to founding Brandstreet, he has worked for international brands like Sony, Philips, HBO, IPL and Taj Hotels to name a few.

In the same business category, he has also designed the logo for Mohit Enterprises.

How can branding help your business?

First of all, it sets you apart from other businesses using bad logos or logos copied from the internet. When you get a logo specially designed for your business, it feels great. A good logo only looks good, but a great logo can inspire you every day to generate more business and achieve greater heights in the world of business.

Turn your business into an awesome brand. Ask Jagjit Singh Makkar to design a logo for your business.

You can reach him at +91 750 8800 707 or brandstreet.in@gmail.com


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